About Dan Hardin

In 1995, I was climbing the corporate ladder in a high rise bank headquarters in Los Angeles. I made a decent wage, but realized I would never be truly satisfied unless I pursued a career that was a creative outlet for me, and challenged me like nothing had before. I left my job, moved back to my home town, and began taking art, architecture and drafting classes. In four months I was drawing plans for custom homes, and began my new life in architecture.

I had a dream to hang my own shingle as an architect when I turned 40. After 14 years designing projects as diverse as cafes and school campuses, office spaces and production facilities, custom homes and wineries, my dream became a reality when I began taking on projects under my own license in 2009.

My professional satisfaction comes from making my clients needs and desires reality in the built world. I strive to create functional, efficient, timeless and unique solutions; to understand my clients goals and business, and to make their project priorities my own.

Dan Hardin Architect

California License #C31756